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Tecumseh's Family


Picture fromthe Outdoro Drama TECUMSEH! website.

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Tecumseh's Family

Paternal Grandfather-----Wawwaythi also known as Lawpkaway and Loyparcowah



Eldest Brother----Cheesauka sometimes spelled Chiksika or Chiksekau

Second Eldest----Tecumseh


(Triplets)First born of the triplets, Sauwaseekau (was killed at the Battle of Fallen Timbers)

Second born triplet Kumskaukau---is believed to have died in the first year

Third born of the triplets,Lalawethika or Tenskwatawa----the Prophet


Adopted Brother----Wehyahpihreshnwah (Blue Jacket adopted 1771)

It is believed that there was one other sister and another brother

Mohnetohse----First wife of Tecumseh whom he sent back to her parents for neglecting their infant son

Mahyawwekawpawe---First son of Tecumseh

Mamate----Second wife of Tecumseh, who died after childbirth

Naythawaynah (A Panther Seizing Its Prey)----Second son of Tecumseh

We are determined to defend our lands and, if it be the "Great Spirit's" will, we wish to leave our bones upon them."
Tecumseh, Shawnee Chief 1813